PrimePro® Core Launches! – Feb 2016

Chantler Packaging Inc., a leader in flexible packaging and engineered solutions for international food products, is announcing the launch of PrimePro® Core; an ethylene absorbing film technology incorporated onto micro flute material. Using proprietary equipment, these ultra light compact containers are specially developed for retail ready merchandising and displaying of 4-10 fruits or vegetables.

Yellow TOV_PrimePro Core 1The PrimePro® Core solution was first piloted overseas, in partnership with Flexomed, a packaging printing and graphics company based in Valencia, Spain. The firm took the PrimePro® shelf life extension technology and laminated it to corrugated trays and compact boxes, leading to an easy application of ethylene absorbing material without the requirement of additional materials or labour, such as tying, sealing, or gassing.

Last summer, PrimePro® Core won a LiderPack Award, annually held in Barcelona, for Best Food Packaging 2015. As one of the most recognized awards in packaging and point-of-sale advertising in Spain, it has been very exciting for Chantler Packaging Inc. in Canada and their Spanish business partners. “The produce industry is always looking for innovation and we are to proud tliderinterior0o offer a new and competitive advantage in packaging”, says Francisco Vercher, International Sales Manager for PrimePro® Europe. “What we have is something that is effective throughout the entire supply chain, even on the retail floor”.

P_20160205_093340For the award consideration, PrimePro® Core’s efficacy was proved through extensive testing on various fruits and vegetables by Centro Tecnológico de la Conserva y Alimantacion (National Technology Centre of Packaged Food); acknowledged by the Spanish government as a centre of research and innovation. These tests are important for Chantler Packaging Inc. and PrimePro®. “This new product and test results really show how versatile the PrimePro technology is, without any complicated application methods. It’s not just your ordinary MAP technology,” explains Grant Ferguson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Chantler Packaging Inc. “Convenience is key with PrimePro and now PrimePro Core. Its incorporation into rigid produce retail corrugate and paperboard easily extends shelf life, but more importantly, it reduces food that goes to waste.”

As PrimePro® Core has been promoted at the Fruit Attraction tradeshow in October 2015, Chantler Packaging Inc. will offer PrimePro® Core to more customers throughout Europe and beyond. “We are confident that this solution can help our friends in Canada and USA, and even South America. We’re excited to expand PrimePro Core to high value commodities such as pears, cherries, stone fruit, and organics”, Ferguson says.

PrimePro Core trayToday, PrimePro® shelf life extension technology continues to be used by growers, shippers, and distributers, internationally, as a convenient solution for ethylene absorbing packaging. It is available in a variety of formats, including pallet covers, sheets, bags, and rollstock and does not require sealing or gassing.

Call (1) 905-274-2654 and ask to speak to the PrimePro® team for more information on how the PrimePro® Core solution can help your business.