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Cost Savings

How PrimePro® Saves Money for Grocery Chains

Grocery chains pay the hidden cost of ethylene damage: Higher prices, waste and discards at the warehouse and store level, and lost sales to consumers. The typical grocery chain wastes hundreds of millions of dollars of fresh produce at store level each year, and a large part of that loss is avoidable ethylene damage. Retailers who receive produce packed in PrimePro® cut this cost significantly, and deliver a better experience for consumers.

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How PrimePro® Saves Money for Growers

Ethylene damage costs growers in three ways: Overfilling cartons to make up for weight loss, paying claims on rejected loads, and losing sales because produce is not looking its best at store level. Growers who ship in PrimePro® enjoy better relationships with chain stores because PrimePro® helps them deliver produce at its best, load after load.

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