Chantler Packaging and Frutas Escobi reunite in Canada!


Left to right: Paco Vercher, Gabriel Escobar Jr, Roy Ferguson (CEO of Chantler Packaging), Gabriel Escobar Sr, Maria-Gabriela Escobar

In May 2017, Chantler Packaging was reunited with one of their most loyal customers from Spain. Gabriel Escobar, CEO of Frutas Escobi visited the Chantler team in Mississauga, ON and was accompanied by his daughter Maria-Gabriela Escobar (Marketing and Communications Manager) and son, Gabriel Escobar Jr (Sales Manager).

Frutas Escobi is the longest user of PrimePro® of over 9 years. The shelf-life extension technology has helped the Spanish grower improve quality of their zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. The Escobar family strategically places the PrimePro® logo on their packaging to indicate the use of the ethylene controlling packaging.

Francisco (Paco) Vercher, International Distributor of PrimePro in Spain, also joined the get-together. Using his expertise in post-harvest, Vercher has worked with the Escobar family in Spain to use PrimePro® and explore new exporting opportunities and reach more markets.

During the visit with Chantler Packaging, the guests from Spain, discussed new PrimePro® formats, business plans, and communications strategies for all teams. They hope to continue their international success together for many years to come.

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For more information on Frutas Escobi, click here.

News update by: Ryan F Talag. June 13, 2017.