Can haskap berries take off big in Canada?

Can haskap berries take off big in Canada?

Haskap berries may not be a well known commodity yet but some in Canada are trying to change that. explains that the berries have only been found sporadically across Canada, mostly on the edge of wetlands.

In the article, Kilted Chef consultant, Alain Bousse explains that the haskap berries have a distinct mix of flavours including raspberry, honey crisp apple, with a wild blueberry undertone.











Haskapa, a company based in Nova Scotia, has created juice, jams and condiments with haskap berries. They also make body scrub, bath salt, lip gloss and soap containing the haskap and plan to introduce powder for juice and wine in the next few months.

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Being a small company, they currently freeze the berries for use in products that are sold in their retail store in Mahone Bay, N.S., as well as online.

Shelf life extension is an issue with berries. Instead of freezing, this can be addressed with ethylene absorbing technology. PrimePro® has been used to demonstrate this with a trial in 2015.

In a test with two pallets (one with PrimePro® and one without), the group treated with PrimePro® had higher percentage of blueberries in good condition, at 90.7% (after 14 days). More blueberries remained firmer and smoother. The core temperature was 34ºF as opposed to the rest at 35ºF.

The test pallet with no treatment had the worst quality with a higher percentage in defects due to softness, shrivelling, and mould. Approximately 14.0% of the untreated pallets observed were considered damaged.

Perhaps, PrimePro® can be the solution for haskap berries as they rise in the Canadian market?

by Ryan F Talag, Marketing Associate, Chantler Packaging Inc.