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About PrimePro


About PrimePro®

Consumers know fresh produce is the key to a healthy lifestyle and demand the best-quality produce for their tables. Grocery stores want to attract customers by having top-quality fresh produce, year-round. Learn More


How does PrimePro® Work?

PrimePro® is a polyethylene plastic film containing a proprietary additive. This additive is specially designed to remove ethylene from the air around fresh produce. As ethylene is removed, the process of ripening and decay can be slowed, dramatically extending the shelf life of fresh produce. Learn More


PrimePro® Products

PrimePro® can be used for a variety of produce and a variety of ways that work best for different kinds of produce. From pallet covers to retails bags, we have a solution for you. 
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What is Ethylene?

Ethylene (C2H4) is a plant hormone. Some plants require ethylene to initiate the ripening process. Other plants do not require ethylene to ripen. Learn More

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Want more information?  Download a PDF of the PrimePro brochure, presentations for growers & retailers, and case studies . Learn More

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