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About PrimePro®

We’ll be at PMA Fresh Summit 2017 in New Orleans from Oct 20 – 21! Come to Booth 3617 and say Hi! PrimePro is a packaging technology designed to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. It extends shelf life by removing ethylene gas, a powerful plant hormone that triggers the process of ripening and decay.

How PrimePro Works

PrimePro is a polyethylene plastic film that contains a proprietary additive that is specially designed to remove ethylene from the air around fresh produce.

How PrimePro is Used

PrimePro is used to protect fresh produce from the packing house to the consumer’s fridge with a variety of products from pallet covers to retail bags.

What is Ethylene?

Ethylene (C2H4) is a plant hormone. Exposure to ethylene shortens the shelf life of fresh produce by speeding up the process of ripening and decay.


Saving Growers Money

If a grower ships 1 million cases of peppers per year, the grower could save $250,000 by using PrimePro to reduce weight loss during shipping and storage.

Sustainability & Food Wastage

Food wastage puts a heavy burden on our environment because we consume resources to grow food that ends up in the garbage. PrimePro is part of the solution to this systemic problem because it reduces the amount of wastage at all levels of the fresh produce value chain.

PrimePro Case Studies

Our case studies show how PrimePro has extended the freshness of fruits and vegetables under real-world conditions. Many types of produce benefit from the ethylene protection PrimePro provides.

A Fresh Approach to Shelf Life Extension

As the produce industry tries to satisfy consumer demands for fresh produce to support healthy lifestyles, shelf life extension becomes even more important.

Grocery Chains Save Money

A key factor in produce waste is damage caused by ethylene gas. PrimePro packaging is proven to remove ethylene gas, and save grocery chains money.


PrimePro® for Irradiation

PrimePro® carton liners with specialized venting is now being used for produce going through the irradiation process. It has successfully been used for mangoes being shipped from the Dominican Republic as well as pomegranates and figs from Peru to the United States.


PrimePro Products

We make PrimePro packaging in many different formats, so we have the right packaging solution for your product and process. Our experts can help you pick the right type of PrimePro for what you grow.


Carton Liners

Pallet Covers


Clamshell Absorbent Pads

Retail Bags


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